Colbert destroys Trump's claim we all salute the same flag: "I've seen their flags"


Stephen Colbert called out Donald Trump's claim that "we all salute the same great flag," showing Trump's supporters in Charlottesville waving Nazi and Confederate flags.

Donald Trump often says in his speeches that "we all salute the same great flag."

But the white supremacists who gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend — the ones who chanted "Heil Trump" and wore his campaign hats and praised his agenda — saluted their own preferred flags.

Many carried the Confederate flag, the flag of the traitors who declared war on the United States. Others carried the Nazi flag.

These are the same people who celebrated over the weekend when Trump refused to condemn them, believing they had his approval for their bigotry.

So when Trump says we all salute the same flag, it's fair to ask exactly which flag he's talking about.

During his monologue on Monday night, comedian Stephen Colbert pointed this out.

COLBERT: And Trump tried to heal a news cycle by reminding us what we all have in common.

TRUMP: We all salute the same great flag.

COLBERT: No we don't. I have seen their flags. They can't even agree which one they're going to salute. OK? Don't mix us up.

The observation came as Colbert was taking Trump to task for his delayed response to the killing of Heather Heyer, and his failure to condemn Nazi protesters.

"It is difficult to express how heartbreaking it is to see this happening in our country," Colbert said. "But here's one thing that's not hard to express: Nazis are bad."

It was, however, too hard for Trump, who first blamed "many sides" for the violence, rather than single out the white supremacists chanting his name.

Even after Trump belatedly condemned neo-Nazis, the KKK, and white supremacists on Monday, he later made it clear he had done so only reluctantly. When he did not receive praise for his statement, he lashed out at the "truly bad people" in the media.

Trump has attempted to minimize the danger of these groups, and his insistence that they are simply loyal Americans with slight differences of opinion is belied by their decision to wave the flags of America's enemies.