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Katie Paris


Progressive organization builder and campaign professional, specializing in politics, media, and faith.


Jess McIntosh

Executive Editor

Democratic strategist, feminist activist, and former communications advisor for Hillary Clinton, EMILY's List, & Sen. Al Franken. Follow her on Twitter @jess_mc.


Kaili Joy Gray

Managing Editor

Long-time progressive editor and writer and fierce feminist. Formerly Planned Parenthood, Wonkette, and Daily Kos. Follow her on Twitter @KailiJoy


Anthony Reed

Digital Director

Founder of Benchmark Politics, the top election forecaster for the 2016 primaries. Follow him on Twitter @benchmarkpol.

Samuel Nitz

Director of Digital Partnerships

Media and data strategist, LGBTQ advocate, former media & analytics advisor to EMILY’s List & the DCCC. Follow him on Twitter @DCBadger.

Emily Crockett

Senior Editor

Writer, editor, feminist. Former staff writer at Vox.com and Rewire, former managing editor at 50 States of Blue. Follow her on Twitter @EmilyCrockett


Oliver Willis

Senior Writer

Former research fellow at Media Matters for America who has been blogging about politics since 2001. Follow him on Twitter @owillis.


Eric Boehlert

Senior Writer

Veteran progressive writer for Media Matters and Salon. Two books: "Lapdogs: How The Press Rolled Over for Bush," and "Bloggers On The Bus." Follow him on Twitter @ericboehlert.


Tommy Christopher

Senior Writer

Former White House correspondent and politics reporter for AOL, The Daily Banter, and Mediaite, and a longtime liberal journalist and commentator. Follow Tommy on Twitter @Tommyxtopher.


Caroline Orr

Assignment Editor/Writer

Behavioral scientist, political analyst, and freelance journalist. Follow her on Twitter: @RVAWonk.

Dan Desai Martin

SoCal Daily Media

Former international development advocate, communications consultant, education advocate, and freelance writer. Follow him on Twitter @DanMartinTalks.

Cortney Rock

SoCal Daily Media

Editor. Formerly with PPFA and publications including the Los Angeles Times Magazine and Ms. magazine


Josh Nerpel

Director of Outreach

Former executive director of OneVoice. Advance for Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Joe Biden.


Ginger McKnight-Chavers

Freelance Political Writer

Attorney and author. Graduate of Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service and Harvard Law School.

Nuri Aydogan

Nurettin Aydogan

IT Coordinator

IT professional, technician and software developer.

wayman headshot cropped

Wayman Smith

IT Engineer

Systems administrator and Python Developer. Advocate of Open Source software.