Anchor mocks Trump for calling Mexicans 'professional mountain climbers'


CNN's Brooke Baldwin had the only fitting response to Trump's latest outburst.

On Tuesday afternoon, Trump once again proved that he is the only embarrassment bigger than his proposed border wall. And CNN's Brooke Baldwin had the only fitting response to Trump's latest outburst.

Trump went on an extended photo op in San Diego, where he was inspecting prototypes for the border wall. And he regaled reporters with the tale of the "incredible climbers" who pour over physical barriers from Mexico.

"Getting over the top is easy. They're like professional mountain climbers, incredible climbers," Trump said, seemingly undermining his own plan.

Following the photo op, Baldwin was nothing short of incredulous. And she gave Trump's comment the mocking it deserved.

"When you hear the president say that the Mexicans are professional mountain climbers... what?" she asked former ICE Director John Sandweg.

Sandweg laughed, and explained that drugs are rarely smuggled at overland border crossings, but at legal ports of entry. And he noted that the money wasted on Trump's border wall could be better spent.

Trump's absurd ideas about border security are amusing. But they also have the potential to harm millions of people, and cost American taxpayers billions.

Trump is holding the lives of over a million Dreamers hostage to funding for the ridiculous wall. And more than a year after his inauguration, his promise that Mexico would pay for it remains one of his biggest lies.

Furthermore, Trump seems to agree that his wall won't really work. Because he himself has noted that all someone would need is a tall ladder and "maybe a rope" to get past it.

Trump's wall would serve only as an expensive monument to the racism that helped get him elected.