"Maybe President Trump should stop playing politics during his executive time and start doing his job. It's clear Dianne Feinstein is doing hers."

Tuesday’s day of epic failure for Donald Trump was mainly engineered by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), and Trump reacted like the “very stable genius” he clearly is not.

Trump’s attempt at a comeback from days of coverage about his mental unfitness was ruined by Feinstein’s cunning use of logic, when she got Trump to agree that a clean fix to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was something he would like to do. (Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy had remind him that it’s the opposite of what he would like to do.)

Then Feinstein dropped a bomb on Trump and the Republicans by releasing transcripts of extremely damaging testimony in the Trump/Russia investigation, in defiance of Senate Republicans who wanted it to remain hidden.

On Wednesday morning, Trump reacted by attacking Feinstein with one of his patented witless nicknames, and demanding a primary challenge for the leading Democrat:

Feinstein’s bold actions may have even provoked Trump into openly urging Republicans to obstruct the Russia investigations, as his next tweet appeared to do:

Trump’s attack drew a strong reaction from EMILY’s List.

“Yet again, Donald Trump is threatened by a strong woman. Dianne Feinstein took an important and decisive action — and naturally, Donald Trump took to Twitter,” said EMILY’s List President Stephanie Schriock. “Given his failed picks lately, maybe President Trump should stop playing politics during his executive time and start doing his job. It’s clear Dianne Feinstein is doing hers.”

But Feinstein’s actions also drew praise from at least one Republican. Texas Sen. John Cornyn told The Hill that releasing the transcript was a “good idea,” and he was “glad” she had done it.

This past week has been an at times painful reminder of just how easily Trump can be provoked, but Feinstein reminds us that there are strong women who are willing to stand up to a bully like Trump, and he can’t stand it.